Prandi Axes Quality
Prandi’s production priorities are the manufacturing of woodcutting tools and cutting implements with:
  • Selected raw materials which only use guaranteed and controlled steel that possess a producer’s certificate of quality.
  • Precision in printing dimensions thanks to our modern machine fleet which includes the extremely useful German mallet.
  • Strength of heat treatment completed internally, checked and unfailing, adding elasticity and resistance in Prandi tools.
  • Sharpening of the handmade blade, with visual quality control of every single piece, underlining the authenticity of the product.
  • Surface treatment (taping and varnishing) that combine functionality and aesthetic presentation of each cutting tool.
  • Assembly of tools with handles in selected wood (beech, ash, Hickory), chain of custody certification, or tricomponents, exclusively MADE IN ITALY. All the different types of handles completely satisfy traction standards that comply to regulations.
  • Personalised packaging (pad printing, labelling, packaging).
For the above indicated activities the following have been defined and conform to the Prandi company necessities:
  • Quality objectives and requisites of the product;
  • Processes, documents and specifications for the realisation of the product;
  • Checking, controlling and the relative standards of approval and acceptance;
  • Necessary registration to give evidence to the obtained conformity.
Here our corporate quality policy
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