Basic line
This line of axes is composed of all BASIC axes and hatchets models in the following finishes B, L and F. The B finish includes a half-coloured head and beechwood handle. The L finish includes the head and the handle half painted light blue. Finally, the L models have the head half painted light blue and the handle in tricomponent. These are the cheapest axes of Prandi.

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Vintage Line
The Prandi Vintage Line is composed of two different types of finishes: T and C. The letter T indicates the Traditional Swedish finish with the axe head with a raw finish. While the letter C indicates the Classic Finnish with the axe head completely polished.
The handle can be made of ash wood or hichory wood.In both cases, the handle at the lower extremity is perforated to insert a natural leather lace.

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Limited Edition
The Limited Edition line are collector's axes specially created for the 50th anniversary of Prandi Andrea & C.(1969-2019). The collection of limited edition axes includes three different finishes: camouflage, carbon and briarwood axes. All these axes are made with hickory wood handle with sublimation to obtain the graphic effect on the handle.

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Throwing Axes
Axes specially designed  for axe throwing, competitive indoor sport. Very sharp blades and thinned heads to ensure the best aim and perforation of the wooden target. Best throwers have already chosen our axes for their matches.

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Fire Fighting Axes
Firefighting hatchets and axes for expert fireman.

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Chisels & Bars
Line of steel tools specifically designed for construction professionals.

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Hammer & Pick Axes
Line of professional hammers, mallets and pick-axes for carpenters and masons in carbon steel with hardened head and pein.

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