Special Edition

The Prandi Special Edition are collector's axes specially created for the 50th anniversary of Prandi Axes (1969-2019). This collection includes three different finishes: camouflage, carbon and briarwood axes.

The graphic design of the handle has been realized through an innovative printing technique, called  “sublimation”.  The  printing  elements  and  ink  are  quickly  heated  up  to  200°  C.  This  allows the transformation from the solid state directly to the gaseous state, without passing through  the  liquid  phase.  The  results  are  amazing:  in  addition  to  the  totally  customizable  aesthetics,  the  finish  resists  over  time,  leaving  the  surface  of  the  handle  completely  smooth  and eliminating any splinters of the wood. This facilitates the sliding of the handle between the hands and prevents the formation of blisters.