29 February 2024

Damasco Limited Edition

A striking brightness, a fascinating contrast of light and dark typical of damascus blades. The word “damascus” is likely to have its origins in the Arabic “damas”, meaning “watery”.
Prandi Axes presents its new LIMITED EDITION DAMASCO, with only 150 pieces, available for sale from April 2024.
Every single piece is made by the skilled hands of our craftsmen. Once the blade has been forged and sharpened, the damask pattern is engraved on the head, along with the serial number from 1 to 150.
The hickory handle is slightly shaped and coffee-coloured. The first prototype is on display in PRANDI showroom in Primaluna.
The head perfectly features the style of the calabro-type hatchet, a classic of Italian tradition, used for pruning olive trees,  mainly in the southern regions of Italy.

Here the hatchet available on our E-SHOP: