Prandi Axes manufacturer for axe throwing
Prandi & C., founded in 1969, is specialized in the production of axes, hatchets and other cutting and splitting tools for sectors such as construction, gardening and bushcraft. In 2015 Prandi Axes began his adventure in the world of “throwing axe”, first in the U.S. market, then expanding into the rest of the world. This discipline consists of throwing the axe straight against a wooden target. Size, weight of the axe and sharpening of the head are essential to achieving the objectives. Our know-how has helped us to be among the leading suppliers of axes in this environment. Today, Prandi Axes has more than 150 models of axes and hatchets, all stages of production are internal and exports of its tools are active in all continents.
Importance of choosing the right axe
Any true axe thrower will agree that the right axe is everything. A smooth profile, razor sharp edge and optimal handle are essential to an athlete’s performance.
When holding a Prandi, you can feel the 50 years of experience that went into making it. Your grip tightens around the perfectly balanced handle, light glistens off the razor sharp edge as you take aim, you hurl the hardened steel at your target... Bullseye!
Prandi... Throw Better!
Who is Miguel?
Miguel Tamburini is a Venezuelan of Italian descent who has been throwing axes since 2018. It all stared as a hobby that quickly progressed into a passion and now career. At his home range Got Wood Axe Throwing in Oklahoma, Miguel has grown from hobbyist to Axe Coach, Axe Master, General Manager, Regional Champion and one of the top throwers in the world. He finished 3rd in the Spring 2019 season earning himself a spot in the World Championships in December 2019, live on ESPN. To Miguel, axe throwing is a perfect balance of mental strength and physical coordination.