Timbersports Axes
According to the legend, the sport of lumberjacking was born in the 19th century, as a challenge between two Tasmanian loggers. During the following century, this discipline became world-famous, reaching first Australia and New Zealand and then Canada and the United States. This sport sees athletes compete in the typical activities of lumberjacks, i.e. cutting wood with axes, saws and chainsaws.
In 1985, STIHL USA officially became a sponsor of a series of events, selecting what would become the most famous disciplines: standing block chop, STIHL stock saw, underhand chop, single buck, hot saw and springboard.
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Alessandro Ciaponi
This is Alessandro Ciaponi, born in 1991. He started his athletic career in STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® in 2018.
Since then, he has participated in several national and international championships in Europe.
In 2020 he ranked 4th in the European Rookie category; in July 2022 he won the bronze medal in the Italian championships in Castione della Presolana. In 2022 he also becomes Prandi Axes Ambassador.
On 8 July 2023, he won the Italian championship in PRO category.

Athlete's data sheet HERE
Prandi SPORT axe competitions
A new axe, designed and engineered specifically for this exciting sport, had been our secret dream for years.
The pandemic led us to dust off this ambitious project, the first Prandi prototypes were born and we had them tested by Alessandro Ciaponi and other experts in this discipline.
We are very enthusiastic about the progress made so far and we are ready for the next competitions with our new Prandi SPORT axe!