Prandi Axes since 1969
For three generations Prandi & C. has produced high quality forged and heat cast manual tools with PASSION.

Prandi Andrea & C. is specialised in the production of cutting implements, such as axes, hatchets, wedges and other woodcutting tools. Thanks to our passion, we are among the few companies in Europe who boast such a large array of forest splitting tools with over 150 models of axes and hatchets.

Each and every article was studied and produced upon request by our clients who, in constant search of high quality standards, aim to respect the habits and cultural TRADITION of the territory in which they work.

We select and work with high quality steel.
Thanks to our state of the art fleet of machines, all processes necessary for the production of the tools are completed internally: creation of moulds, hot forging, sandblasting, heat treating, grinding, sharpening, varnishing, assembly of handles, marking, labelling, and packaging.
Each production phase, whilst maintaining the standards and peculiarities of typical Italian artisan work, is examined according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.

The flexibility of our structure, the experience of over 50 years, the constant INNOVATION research and the continuous development allow us to produce top of the range items, with the traditional quality of MADE IN ITALY.
Our roots
Since Carlo Prandi founded the company, in 1969, three generations of the family have carried on the business with passion, attention to quality   and  a strong desire for innovation. Over the years, the company has successfully promoted and distributed its products abroad, thus expanding  into new markets in Europe, USA, Middle East,  Africa and Asia.
Valsassina valley
We are located in Valsassina, a mountain valley in Lombardy, in Northern Italy. The region in itself is well known for its deep-rooted tradition in the iron and steel industry and  for the artisan production  of tools such as picks,  hammers, knives, axes  and other cutting tools.
Logo Evolution
To celebrate the 50th anniversary (1969-2019) we introduce Prandi’s new logo, enabling us to update the continuous evolution of Prandi during this last half a century.
The typographic character is unchanged, a solid rock lasting from past generation till present time.
In fact, we kept doing what we do best cutting tools produced with care to details, quality & life span, all shown in our finished extensive lines of products, such as our well-known axes sold world-wide. Certainly, we have grown on solid basis and we never stopped adding and applying past experience to today market demands but also we kept an edge on similar competitors in both quality and competitive pricing enabling us to keep our great customers attached & loyal thanks to our conservative principals. If Customer are happy, they will keep returning!

The butterfly represents Prandi’s continuous development: the worm to chrysalis then finally open the wings to fly the world. In the upper part of the Logo, we could not miss what made us famous throughout the world: our AXES. The model we selected belongs to the Vintage Line, the first line of the Prandi brand.

With our new Logo we also underline the country of origin "ITALY", confirming that all our axes are designed and manufactured entirely inside our premises in Primaluna as a proof of our total commitment to reliability and quality of Made in Italy.