3.043.L Hatchet "Yankee"

Product Code: 3.043.L
3.043.L Hatchet "Yankee"

Hatchet "Yankee", carbon steel, with polished and hardened blade. Varnished ash handle, 1/2 coloured, Tampoprinted. Leather or rubber protector also available for shop.

Variation of Product
Code Weight Length
3.043.06.L 600gr / 1,35lb 38cm / 15in
3.043.09.L 900gr / 2lb 50cm / 19,70in
3.043.11.L 1150gr / 2,55lb 65cm / 25,60in
3.043.13.L 1350gr / 3lb 70cm / 27,60in
3.043.16.L 1600gr / 3,55lb 80cm / 31,51in
3.043.18.L 1800gr / 4lb 90cm / 35,45in
3.043.20.L 2000gr / 4,45lb 90cm / 35,45in
3.043.22.L 2250gr / 5lb 90cm / 35,45in
3.043.25.L 2500gr / 6lb 90cm / 35,45in
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More Information

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