3 simple steps to sharpen the blade of your axe with the use of natural stones and mixed grains.
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  • grasp the handle of your axe near the head
  • start to pass the natural stone (art. 7.710) over the blade end with a diagonal movement from the inside to the outside, from the top to the bottom. Better to limit the area involved to a maximum of 1 / 1.5 cm from the edge,
  • moisten the stone with water as much as necessary,
  • use a rag to remove the burr left by the stone and check the state of the sharpening,
  • now use the double-grained stone on the grey side with grain 180 (art. 7.707). This side is ideal for roughing,
  • moisten the stone with water as much as necessary,
  • to complete the sharpening of your axe, turn the stone and use the orange side with grain 400 (art. 7.707). It is ideal for the finishing phase. In this case, the movement must be carried out in a rotating direction,
  • wipe the rag over the blade and check the head sharpening.


Here the video!