Our story begins with Carlo Prandi, a strong man with great entrepreneurial skills. Back in 1950 he decided to start his first business: a breeding of laying hens. The attendance of the agricultural world, including farmers, led Carlo to take an interest in the world of hand tools. With the help of a forging partner, he started the activity dedicated to the production of cutting and splitting tools. In 1969 Carlo withdrew the entire property and began his personal challenge in the world of axes.
Initially, 80% of the production was dedicated to forging Piedmont type hatchets, the first article still in our catalog. The remaining 20% was composed of axes, tips, chisels and hammers.

In 1977, following Carlo's early death, the company passed to his sons Andrea and Paolo, who had already been working in the family business for some time. In 1982, his brother-in-law Erino joined the team.
In this phase, thanks to the heterogeneity of the tasks of the 3 owners, the company began to sell and export its products abroad, especially in Germany. Prandi was gradually appreciated for its excellent quality/price ratio.

In 2005, the delivery to the new generation, the third, led by Alberto and Carla, took place. In these years a very important company transformation takes place. For the first time the owners start to think about a product not only on behalf of third parties, but about the production of a real line of axes and hatchets under the Prandi brand. This is where the first line of axes and hatchets from the Vintage Line collection was born. Carbon steel heads and hickory handle , the best materials in terms of strength and performance. In a few months, the response on the market is surprising. New btc customers are extremely satisfied with the finishes of Prandi products. .

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