Limited edition with a root wood texture with irregular veins and colors ranging from deep brown to light brown.

The heads of these axes are completed with a beautiful full chrome finish, creating a mirror effect. At the end of this process, the axes are passed back to the blade department to give it the maximum final sharpening.

Definitely a collector’s model, the axes of the Radica line have all the requirements to be used in nature to cut down and branch trees.

The graphic design of the handle has been realized through an innovative printing technique, called “sublimation”. The printing elements and ink are quickly heated up to 200° C. This allows the transformation from the solid state directly to the gaseous state, without passing through the liquid phase. The results are amazing: in addition to the totally customizable aesthetics, the finish resists over time, leaving the surface of the handle completely smooth and eliminating any splinters of the wood. This facilitates the sliding of the handle between the hands and prevents the formation of blisters.

The following articles compose the Radica line:

- Hatchet german type (cod. 3.003.A)
- Axe german type (cod. 3.011.A)