We are pleased to introduce our new Products series, specifically, created to celebrate Prandi’s Snc 50Th Anniversary (1969/2019).

Camouflage is designed featuring Army/ Hunters finishes for the Hickory Wood Handles combined with a light green coloured Axe Head.

The Process implies a new Printing technique, named  "sublimation" obtained  by applying printing elements with a deluded ink heated up to 200° C( 400 F) Hence obtaining a transformation from the solid state to a gaseous stat.

The final Product is time resistant but also allows the surface of the handle it’s smoothness and eliminations of  any splinters of the wood.

This facilitates the smooth sliding of the handle between the hands and prevents the formation of blisters.

The 3 axes serial numbers are:

- German Hatchet (cod. 3.003.D),
- Yankee Hatchet (code 3.043.D),
- Camping Hatchet (cod. 3.051.D).

It is to this passion that we dedicate our new line of Prandi axes!

We hope that the new designed quality and Finish suits your Passionate hobbies and we shall be happy to receive your comments and certainly orders.